Exciting Opportunity for Windows Phone Developers–BRING ON THE GOV APPS!!!!

This post provides details of some new programs available through your existing developer subscription. Submit your game or app by June 15th and enjoy the following possibilities:

#1 Land a prime spot in the Windows Phone Marketplace
Great apps deserve great visibility. Tell us why yours stands out and we’d love to take a look for potential promotion as part of our ongoing Spring Cleaning effort.

#2 Gain exposure as a Developer Hero
Half the battle is getting noticed—submit your app or game by June 15th and you could be a part of our talent showcase. Tell your story to the great app developer community.

#3 Get even more eyes on your apps and your story

We want to tell the great stories of the many Windows Phone developers. As a Developer Hero (Reason #2), your story and app will be a part of an upcoming Windows Phone marketing campaign that will generate thousands of impressions!

Wondering how to get involved?
To be eligible for these promotion benefits from Microsoft:

  1. Your App must be published to the Windows Phone Marketplace by June 15 (by 11:59 PM PST)
  2. Your App must work as promised
  3. Your App must be new to the Marketplace or be a new version with substantial, new features or capabilities as mentioned earlier
  4. Send us an email with the following information to wp7springclean@microsoft.com
    • Your App Hub Live ID
    • Application ID
    • New App or Update to Existing App?
    • (if update) What major new features have you added?
    • Uses Live Tile: (yes or no)
    • Uses Panorama: (yes or no)
    • Uses Pivot: (yes or no)
    • Why does your app delight users?

Not every app will be selected for merchandising or promotion. However, sending us this information tells us that you think your app has what it takes to be promoted and merchandized. It also means that we will take the time to review and consider your app. The best apps that combine Functionality + Features + Great Windows Phone UX will be selected and scheduled for promotion in the following weeks.

Need a little help?
Don’t forget our app-building tools (free!) and training resources. Or pop into a Windows Phone event for inspiration.

Submit your apps by June 15
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