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Chapter 1:  Windows Phone 7 Platform introduced to iPhone application developers

On October 11th Microsoft announced the release ofWindows Phone 7 on 10 devices from a variety of manufacturers all over the world. Almost 2000 applications are already available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

Chapter 2:  User Interface Guidelines

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 uses anovel user interface called Metro. It sets itself apart with its clean and simple design and emphasis on color and typography.

Chapter 3:  Developer and designer tools introduced to iPhone application developers

iPhone application developers familiar with XCode will find it easy to migrate to WP7 developer tools andbecome productive quickly

Chapter 4:  C# programming introduced toObjective-C programmers

Download Chapter1-4(~2.5Mb): DOCX- PDF

Chapter 5:  Image Format Considerations in migration of iPhone applications to Windows Phone 7

Applications engage users visuallywith images rather than with use of the written word. It is important to account for resources such as images, video, and audiowhen you plan your Windows Phone 7 project.

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