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Synteractive is a DC-based start-up that provides global strategy and business solutions to clients. As a member of the project team assembled by award recipient Smartronix, Synteractive participated in building the new web site. This online platform enables every American citizen to view how the spending (worth $787 billion) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), a.k.a. The Stimulus or The Recovery Act, is used to create jobs and reinvest in America.

In this interview with Zhiming Xue “Z”, several members of the project at Synteractive –  CEO Evan Burfield, director of technology Diane Johnson, solution architects Michael Mendelson and Jason Turim, and creative director Heather Waterman – discussed the challenges they faced on the project, from assembling a comprehensive proposal with loosely defined requirements and competing with major contractors to building a highly scalable, secure online solution under an aggressive timeline.  The project team passionately shared their experience in building such a large-scale web solution using Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and a mix of other interoperable web technologies and services such as Microsoft Fast and Bing search, Amazon Web Services, Google Translate, ESRI’s GIS mapping technology, JackBe’s Enterprise Mashups and open source tools. They also shared their experience in building several specific features and areas for the web solution such as interactive user interface, data and content management, search integration and multilingual support.

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  1. Dave Headrick says:

    Many government organizations are going this route. We've taken this a step further – developing SharePoint applications with a development tool called Iron Speed Designer. This tool goes beyond basic app creation and simplifies application maintenance.  As you know, the maintenance of applications can be costly (and a headache, to say the least).  I'm sure there are many more city, county and federal departments that would benefit from what we've learned.

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