November 8th Microsoft Public Sector Developer Roadshow – Austin, TX



Click the link above, visit OR call 1-877-673-8368 and reference event ID 1032466785 

Event Date: November 8, 2010


Registration: 08:30


Event Time: 09:00 – 16:00


Event Location:
Microsoft Corporation
Quarry Oaks II

10900 Stonelake Blvd., Suite 225

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 795-5300

Event Description:
Design is all around us and whether you want to jumpstart a design career or just build a better design vocabulary, this one-day developer workshop is the right place to start your design education, especially for Silverlight and SharePoint development. For designers and non-designers alike, we will explore basics of design: principles like typography, layout, unity and color. We also take a tour of the design process, visiting fundamentals like wireframes, animations, and the process of finding inspiration. We’ll then explore how to take these concepts and apply them to designing SharePoint sites as well as Silverlight applications. This one-day event is tuned for technical folks who may be interested in design but haven’t had any formal exposure to it as a discipline.

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