Citizen Phone App Ideas

As a citizen and consumer of Government data, have you ever thought to yourself “I wish there was app for that.”  Here’s an opportunity to not only share your ideas, but take a great idea and make it happen.  One of our team focuses this year is to encourage the creation of these kinds of apps for Windows Phone 7.  We’ve set up a site to let people with ideas and developers come together:

Here’s a snip of the description on the site:

“Phones are becoming ubiquitous and are powerful application delivery platforms. Governments have a wealth of open data and services that citizens can benefit from. This forum is for citizens to share their ideas about applications they would find useful. It is also for potential application developers who want to be inspired by great ideas. We've created multiple forums in an attempt to provide high level categories for app ideas. Please share your ideas by selecting the appropriate forum on the right. Our hope is that people will vote up the app ideas they find most useful, resulting in quality apps showing up in phone marketplaces.”

Please help us spread the word…


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