Windows Phone 7 Beta–TOOLS & TRAINING KIT

Government Mobility is an emerging reality for government at all levels. The renewed government commitment to openness and transparency can only be truly enabled with strong policies and technology! With people on the move, mobile technology is the way citizens get proactively involved in their government affairs not only for accountability for also for collaboration/participation.

Government developers now have a choice for developing stay-of-the-art solutions using the Microsoft platform. Windows Phone 7 + Tools (Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight for Windows Phone, XNA, etc.) provide developers what they need to turn their current skills into new government solutions giving the expression “Information at Your Fingertips” a brand new meaning.

We have recently released the first beta for the Windows Phone 7 Development Tool we have also released a revised and rich Training Kit (download a local copy of the training kit) that will help you quickly ramp up to start building citizens-oriented solutions.

If your organization is currently developing or considering developing government solutions for Windows Phone 7, please contact me at I am the Windows Phone 7 resource assigned to work with Government developers (agencies and Partners) to help them make the best of building solutions for Windows Phone 7.

Stay tuned as we embark in an exciting journey with Windows Phone 7. I will be posting a comprehensive set of resources shortly!

Think Citizens! Think Windows Phone!

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