Silverlight 3 Launched!!!


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Expression 3 Launch Graphic

Exciting day – Silverlight 3 was launched today, as well as Expression Studio 3!

SL Graphic

With Silverlight version 3, the feature list delivers innovation and benefits to key areas of rich internet applications, including:

  • Support for true high definition video
  • Out-of-browser functionality
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Improved line of business support, including data validation and element-to-element databinding
  • Pixel shaders for deeper rendering control
  • More than 90 controls and themes, with source code and unit tests for many of them in the Silverlight Toolkit

To learn more about Silverlight 3 you can go here or get more insight from some of my colleagues blogs:

  • Silverlight team blog
  • Scott Guthrie’s blog
  • Tim Heuer’s blog

    Expression graphic

    In addition to the availability of Silverlight 3, the release candidate of Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow were announced today.  In addition, the full family of Expression Studio 3 products will be available within thirty days!

    SketchFlow is a very innovative prototyping tool that comes with Expression Blend.  This dynamic prototyping feature in Microsoft Expression® Blend™ 3, demonstrates the flow, layout, and transitions of an application through interactive “sketches” to convey initial concepts.  And concurrent workflows between design, user experience, and development ensure that the visuals, interaction model, and the underlying architecture of an application can be simultaneously evolved and delivered as a completed project.

    “Soma” Somasegar, Sr. VP at Microsoft has a very good post on SketchFlow here.  Also, visit Microsoft Expression for more information or click here to download a copy of Microsoft Expression Blend 3 Release Candidate.

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