Open Government Brainstorm – Check it out and endorse an idea!

Participate in the Open Government Brainstorm that is occurring currently which the Obama Administration is sponsoring as part of the President’s Directive released last week.  If you support the goals of having a participatory, collaborative and transparent government, this is your chance to be heard. As a start, check out this idea under the category of making data accessible and voice your opinion:


There will be three phases of structured public dialogue:

  1. Brainstorming (May 21-May 28) - This phase will be hosted by the National Academy of Public Administration and use an innovative brainstorming platform to elicit ideas for the Open Government recommendations.

  2. Discussion (June 3-June 14) – This phase will deepen the conversation about compelling topics raised during the brainstorming via a weblog hosted by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the General Service Administration.

  3. Drafting (June 15-June 19) – This phase will invite the public to use a wiki to draft language for recommendations collaboratively. These three phases will build upon one another and inform the development of recommendations on open government.

Participate and help make a difference! 


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