Microsoft Application Guides DoD Through Earned Value Management Compliance

To help the Department of Defense (DoD) and its contractors streamline compliance with earned value management (EVM) reporting requirements, Microsoft today announced a Project 2007 application tailored for Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) standards.

As the agency responsible for tracking EVM figures for DoD contracts, DCMA requires the use of the United Nations (UN) Centre for the Facilitation of the Administration, Commerce and Transport (CEFACT) standard, a worldwide standard for cost and schedule project information. An application available free of charge on Microsoft’s open source hosting site, guides users through the export of Microsoft Project 2007 data required by DCMA and translates the earned value output into the required UN CEFACT XML protocol. The application will provide significant cost savings for both DoD agencies and contractors by reducing the time and resources required to gather, analyze and format the data.

Read the press release to learn more.


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