NEWS: Public Sector On-Demand

image [Today, Microsoft is unveiling a new suite of offerings that will revolutionize how government and education customers conduct business.  Public Sector On-Demand powered by Dynamics CRM is a set of solutions designed to provide US government and education organizations with a broader set of choice and alternatives to traditional on-premise applications.  This cloud computing approach will help customers manage critical pieces of their business by providing easy-to-use applications, that will help increase productivity, streamline operations, and reduce cost.  For example, Microsoft worked with leading partners to create applications like Public Records Tracker.  Public Records Tracker organizes and automates the public records request process for state, local and federal government organizations that are responding to Public Records Act (PRA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from citizens.] 

“Public sector customers are working to deliver the next generation of capabilities to dramatically lower costs, increase productivity, streamline operations and reduce custom development time. The Public Sector On-Demand cloud-based solutions we are launching with our partners represent the first of many such hosted applications. This is a big step forward for Microsoft in providing choice and flexibility for how these solutions are delivered.” — , Vice President U.S. Microsoft Public Sector

Through the launch of these solutions and the Public Sector Idea Bank community site:, we will continue to respond to customer input and demand for new hosted line of business applications.

For more information about Microsoft Public Sector and Web 2.0 also visit Getting to Gov 2.0

Joel Reyes