Talking Points: Computing Forecast: Cloud[s]!

imageNothing like a sunny day with clouds!

With the arrival of Spring I look forward to awesome sunny days… but it wouldn't be perfect without Clouds! … and in terms of computing forecast, the future is just as sunny with Cloud Computing at the center stage of the next big step in Information Technology.

This morning, as I pondered about writing my first of a series of entries on the subject, I came across a set of articles that I considered relevant and that could serve as a good starting point for our discussion. I share them below.


The trend and possible evolution of Cloud Computing may be that we will have a Public cloud (based on the public internet), a Private cloud (just like the intranet) and a Hybrid cloud (a mix of both). In general the concept and principles of a Public cloud computing environment makes the most sense for most computing scenarios.

What’s in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a natural abstraction of everything we have in a typical enterprise data center made possible through high-speed networks and virtualization. It is a conglomerate of Applications, Clients, Identity, Platforms, Services, Standards, Storage, Provisioning, Infrastructure and Management.

I intend to explore how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform addresses these critical components to make our cloud computing experience very natural; specially for those already familiar with our platform and development tools.

So, as a starting point,  I want to share the following collection of articles specifically related to Microsoft's cloud computing strategies.

“Anything that has been a server needs to be a service,” – Steve Ballmer

It should be an interesting next two years to see how this new nirvana of computing evolves. I look forward to this forward step in IT evolution.

Enjoy the sunny days ahead… with Cloud[s]!

Joel Reyes

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