Windows PowerShell is Awesome

Windows PowerShell is a command line shell for Windows that relies upon and deeply integrates with the .NET Framework. PowerShell includes a scripting language, development framework, and a re-hostable runtime. It takes best ideas from popular command shells that came before it and improves upon them. PowerShell is built around an idea of object pipelines, which is the source of its power and flexibility. It is one of those elegantly designed systems that make you quietly giggle with delight. I will even go as far as to say that it is as good a reason as any to learn .NET programming. Even if you are never going to touch PowerShell, learning about PowerShell will make you a better developer. I highly recommend to start with this video, presented by Jeffrey Snover, the architect of PowerShell, at JAOO 2008. Do not delay, grab your favorite drink, find a quite place, and give yourself this treat.


Comments (3)

  1. sytelus says:

    PowerShell had been disappointing from the start. I just can never remember its complicated awkward syntex. Most developers I have seen just give up on it within couple of hours.  It should have been loosly typed C# with some mix from Windows commands. Instead they went on to investing their hard to remember syntax and build their own new empire.

  2. Phil Bolduc says:


    At first I would have agreed with you. A very good tool to help the newbie to get up to speed in PowerShell is PowerGUI,   It provides intellisense and debugging support.