Silverlight 2 – In 1 Paragraph

Silverlight 1 + Support for Visual Basic.NET and C#; Common Language Runtime (CLR) based languages • Support for IronPython, IronRuby, Managed JScript, and other Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) based languages • Rich Core Framework (e.g. Generics, collections) • Multi-Threading • Layout controls including StackPanel and Grid • Full suite of Controls (TextBox, RadioButton, Slider, Calendar, DatePicker, DataGrid, ListBox, TabControl, and others) • Managed Control Framework • Templating Model • Visual State Manager • Isolated Storage • Deep Zoom Technology • Media – DRM Powered by PlayReady • Media - Windows Media Audio 10 Professional support • Media - MediaStreamSource for managed code media file parser and protocol extensibility • High quality resizing • Media - Basic SSPL Support • Cross Domain Network Access • Easy access to server-side data via Web Services • Direct access to TCP sockets • Interoperability with SOAP and REST services, including support for XML, JSON, RSS and Atom data formats • LINQ (including LINQ to XML, LINQ to JSON, and LINQ to Entities) • Duplex communications (“push” from Server to Silverlight client) • Data Binding • ADO.NET Data Services • Managed HTML Bridge • Managed Exception Handling • .NET Framework Security Enforcement • Type Safety Verification • XMLReader/Writer • Enhanced Keyboard Input Support • File Upload Support (via WebClient API) • WPF Compatibility • Accessibility • Localization • Remote Debugging (PC and Mac).

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