– First state portal to use IE 8 features?

If you are using IE 8, I encourage you to hit  Notice the web slice?


Also, on the left, there’s a link to the Accelerators that California is creating:


Jeet Jagasia on my team worked with the customer to get it done – great work!


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  1. Keith,

     I agree with you that the killer feature in IE-8 is Accelerators, also known as selection-based search.  Selection-based search is really useful and it’s nice to see developers picking up the baton.  The BIG problem with Accelerators is that the user has to figure out which one to apply to his selection. It’s just unusable once you get more than two or three.

    The version of selection-based search which I love is KallOut.

    KallOut already works over IE (the older versions too) and Firefox (my favorite) as well as all of MS Office.

    What IE8 Beta really needs is a way for the application to automatically choose which accelerator you need to use for a given selection-based search request. Kallout already does this with its “Best-Guess” feature.

    I downloaded the Kallout application from CNET but its main site is


  2. PubSec says:

    Andrew – Kallout looks interesting, I’ll have to check it out.  We do try to provide at least a base level experience in IE, there will allways (and we certainly encourage this) be 3rd party enhancement products which can take IE further.

    Question: What do you think of Web Slices?