Framework 3.5 SP1 and ClickOnce

ClickOnce Client Application Deployment Improvements

.NET 3.5 SP1 includes several improvements for ClickOnce deployment of both Windows Forms and WPF applications. Some of these improvements include:

  • Support for the .NET Framework Client Profile Preview (all ClickOnce features are supported with it)
  • ClickOnce applications can now be programmatically installed through a ‘Setup.exe’ while displaying a customized, branded install UX
  • ClickOnce improvements for generating MSI + ClickOnce application packages
  • ClickOnce error dialog boxes now support links to application specific support sites on the Web
  • ClickOnce now has design-time support for setting up file associations
  • ClickOnce application publishers can now decide to opt out of signing and hashing the ClickOnce manifests as they see appropriate for their scenarios.
  • Enterprises can now choose to run only Clickonce Applications Authenticode signed by "Known Publishers" and block anything else from running
  • FireFox browser extension to support Clickonce installations using FireFox browsers

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Comments (4)

  1. James Hancock says:

    And it features the INability to click once install SQL Express 2008!  

    Release ’em at the same time, and yet you still can’t do it. Brilliant.

  2. William Wallace says:

    Where is the docs on how to use these new features?

  3. mms says:

    How do we actually programmatically install a ClickOnce app throught the setup.exe, does this mean simply the addition of <AppToLaunch tag? If so then the old bootstrapper did this as well. The issue is I’m still getting the Application Install – Security Warning which is not necessary if the user already went a head and ran the bootstrapper…Is it possible to bypass this dialog?

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