FOLLOW UP: Public Sector Developer Conference (Washington, DC)

UPDATE: Added link to LINQ deck

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Here are the links to the decks and code for the sessions.  I don't have the content from the LINQ session yet, but will update this post when I get it.  However, I did promise to have a post up this morning.

The Benefits of Visual Studio Team System to Your Organization - deck

What's New in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WF) in Visual Studio 2008 & the .NET Framework 3.5 - deck, code

Data Access with Language Integrated Query - deck

Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 - deck, code

If you are interested in some additional sessions on LINQ & Workflow Services, I have a list of recorded webcasts in My Recorded Webcasts list.  There is a deep dive into Workflow Services as well a session similar to Joel's LINQ session that covers LINQ to SQL in a little more detail.


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