How to videos: ASP.NET MVC

UPDATED: Links fixed…our apologies for the bad URLs on the images.

I just ran across some really nice How to videos from Scott Hanselman on the ASP.NET MVC Preview.  They are very much demonstration-oriented and very explanatory.

Here are the video’s and links: (These links are subject to changing, but are accurate as of this posting)

#1 | MVC Preview – Part 1 – Displaying Data

16 minutes, 41 seconds

#2 | MVC Preview – Part 2 – Editing Data and Making Forms

18 minutes, 38 seconds


#3 | MVC Preview – Part 3 – Advanced Techniques

12 minutes, 56 seconds


#4 | MVC Preview – Part 4 – Testing

23 minutes, 20 seconds



~Robert Shelton

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  1. Jim Broadus says:

    When I click on the video picture the link goes to a page that says "Sorry, Page not found" and something about it being removed or moved to another area.

    Where are they?

  2. These links are incorrect…something went wrong when he copy pasted. Try

  3. PubSec says:

    They’ve been corrected…sorry about that folks!!!