Video: ADO.NET Entity Framework… One year later

This is a video that’s been in existence for a while and some of you may have already seen it, but throughout all of the research that I’ve done on The Entity Frameworks future, I hadn’t seen it.  If I hadn’t seen it, I was thinking that others may not have either.

What I found interesting in the video is the discussion of the direction of the Entity Framework that you can see as clues in the Visual Studio tools for the Beta 3 of the Entity Framework (this video is from the Beta 2 timeframe, so some of the things that they are talking about are in the tool now).  However, since the tools are somewhat behind the framework at this point (which is typically the case), I have found myself asking the question “why haven’t they implemented ….(something)…in the Entity Framework?”  This, in my opinion, is the cure and the curse of public CTP’s:  they give you a glimpse of the future, but you are often wondering why something, that just hasn’t been implemented yet, isn’t in the product.  With something as interesting and powerful as the Entity Framework, the wait is almost too much to endure!  The more that I work with the CTP’s the faster I want the team to move to RTM. 🙂


I think that it’s a good investment in time to watch it if you are interested in/tracking the progress in the Entity Framework.

Here’s a link to the video: Click here to view it.

~ Robert Shelton


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