Thinking or worried about getting your Microsoft Certification for SQL Server 2008?

If you are thinking about getting a Microsoft Certification for SQL Server 2008 or thinking about renewing your certification with SQL Server 2008, you may want to attend this Live Meeting (scheduled for Feb. 06, 2008, at two different times during the day). 

Here’s the description of the Live Meeting (a.k.a., Web Meeting):

Join the Microsoft Certification team for guidance on your certification path for SQL Server. In this meeting, we will introduce our plans for SQL Server 2008 training and certification, review the SQL Server 2005 certifications, and answer your individual questions about the path that is right for you, in Business Intelligence, Database Development, or Database Administration.

This meeting will be offered twice to accommodate worldwide calendars: 7:30 AM PST (What time is this in my region?) and 5:00 PM PST (What time is this in my region?).

Here’s the link to register for the meeting: Click here to register online.

~ Robert Shelton


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