How to: Build a Join (linked list) between two SharePoint Lists

I just found this really interesting about how to do something with SharePoint Lists that I didn't think that you could do, without writing some code, and that's to build a "linked list" with two SharePoint List.  Sometimes you get a requirement to join two pieces of data within a SharePoint Site/Team Page, and in the past I've built connected Web Parts to do this, or created a single Web Part that pulled from both data-sources to make the data look as if it were one table/listing.


What this article show's (with a bunch of great screen shots) is how to do with the SharePoint UI (no coding necessary), which I find interesting.

Anyway, it might save you some time in the future, so here's the link: (Click here to access)

~ Robert Shelton

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  1. Michael Miglis says:

    Great Article…saved me hours of coding.


    Is it possible to do programmatically ??

  3. Steven says:


    Im new to MOSS. Joining between the sp list holds good only if the two lists known at design time. I come into situation that the child list is not known at design time but rather at runtime. I have a master list, for each item there’s a separate subsite link to it. Im tasked to merge the two lists one from the main site

    (known at design time) and from the subsite (known only at runtime based on the master list item ID). Retrieve the last updated item from the subsite list

    and join to the master list for e.g. the query steps will be like this:

    1. Loop thru the master list first

    2. Get the master.item_id

    3. Open the subsite by master.item_id (subsite url is http://parentweb/master.item_id/default.aspx, here you can see subsite is not even known at design


    4. Open the subsite list (here list name is known)

    5. Get the last update record from the subsite list (retrieve only 1 record which can be order by last modified)

    6. Show master.item_id, subsite.list.item_id, master.title, subsite.list_remarks, etc

    7. Loop ends

    Pls help. Thanks in advance.



  4. awellenstein says:

    Another approach worth considering:

    SharePoint List Association Manager (SLAM)

  5. Nim says:


    Is this functionality available for MOSS only? Can I do it (or a version of it) on WSS 2.0?



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