The Visual Studio "Tip of the day" RSS Feed

If you are like me, you have subscriptions to all kinds of RSS/Email Feeds, including (hopefully) the feed to this blog.  Some of the feeds are more useful than others, but rarely do I find one that will give me something useful everyday.  Then I found this little dandy of a feed: The Visual Studio "Tip of the day" RSS Feed.

It does exactly what you would think, based on it’s description: It gives you a new Visual Studio IDE "How to" example everyday, including Pictures (when appropriate) to show you how to carry out the tip.

It’s a nice addition to your list of RSS/Email Feeds: Click here to add it to your feed list

~ Robert Shelton

Comments (2)

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve been a fan of Sara’s blog for quite some time but wasn’t aware of this feed.