Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model

This is an interesting and very useful article for those of us who program against the SharePoint Object Model.  The author spends much of the article talking about the impact of how we as developers can have on the SharePoint server and some suggestions as to how to better approach accomplishing certain task.

From the article:

As more developers write custom code by using the SharePoint Object Model, they encounter common issues that can affect application performance. This article attempts to address some of those issues, and recommends ways to identify and correct them.

The following areas reflect the main issues encountered by developers as they write custom code by using the SharePoint object model:

  • Disposing of SharePoint objects

  • Caching data and objects

  • Writing code that is scalable

See the full article (Click here to see it).

~ Robert Shelton


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  3. Vince says:


    "In general, any time a calling application uses the new SPSite() constructors (any signature), it should call the SPSite.Dispose() method when it is finished using the object. If the SPSite object is obtained from SPControl.GetContextSite, the calling application should NOT dispose of the object."

    Seriously, does M$ expect developers to know this?!?  They just can’t get rid of COM can they?