Video: Configuring applications, to allow users to take the data with them with VS 2008

One of the new features of Visual Studio 2008 (which is scheduled to release in Nov.) is the ability to more easily configure applications to allow users to take data with them and synchronize the Add/Edits/Deletes when they reconnect to the network.  This, technically-speaking, is called Offline Data Synchronization for “Occasionally” connected users.  Sexy isn’t it! 🙂

In the interview (video), Microsoft’s Milind Lele (of the Visual Basic Team) demonstrates how this works using the new Data Synchronization Designer in Visual Studio 2008.  It’s not too long of a video and they do a nice picture-in-picture effect, so that in addition to seeing him being interviewed, you can see his screen.

Note: the first 3 minutes or so, is Milind describing the technology, but the rest is a demonstration of him showing how to use the feature.

Here’s a screen shot from the interview/demonstration:


Click here to see the full interview.

~Robert Shelton

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