Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 3 (ASP.NET Workflow Forms continued)

In Part 2 of this workshop series, I focused on how to allow Administrators to set the "Default Behavior" of a document workflow using the Association Form.  For this (Part 3) of the workshop series I will focus on how to prompt a normal (non-Administrator) user for information before the workflow starts.  This is done using a different workflow form called the Instantiation (aka., Initiation) form.

Part 3 should be easy and quick to do and is a precursor to Part 4.  In Part 4, coming later this week, I will show you how to send a user an Outlook Task to get information from a user during the running of a workflow and then changing the workflow process based on the data, so stay tuned.

This series of workshops are filled with:

  • Step-by-Step examples
  • Screen shots of almost every step that I take (so that you'll never get lost 🙂 )
  • Code (downloadable and shown in the document),
  • Comments in the code (rare to find those anymore these days :))
  • details about which options I chose (why and the alternative options)
  • References to books, blogs, webs sites that I used to learn how to do this

Download location: Click here

~ Robert Shelton

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