I was wrong :(

I've been doing quite a bit of LINQ & LINQ to SQL talks lately.  One of the things I have told people is that INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations are sent in batch using DataContext.SubmitChanges().  I found out in an internal discussion today that LINQ to SQL does not batch updates. I'm a bit embarrassed and feel compelled to apologize for misleading you.  Age must be affecting my memory because I swear I confirmed batch updating before I started making the statement.  Maybe I dreamt it:(. 

One of my pet peeves is when public speakers say something that is incorrect because they think saying "I don't know" somehow makes them look unintelligent.  I didn't quite do that, but came close.  I did believe I knew what I was talking about.  Turns out I didn't.  I am sorry.


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  1. terraslate says:

    Never heard it – but i found this site purely because i had just confirmed it doesn’t using the old network monitor checking packets – so i came looknig to see if there is a switch to switch batching on – landed here.

    Anyway – despite all that – i am sure your apology is accepted – and if not – it’ll make you a better man

  2. Justin H. says:

    A year later, is this still an issue?  If I cahnge 100 rows and then call .SubmitChanges() will I cause 100 trips across the network.

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