Windows Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Just caught this from James Conard's blog.

"The kit includes 15 presentations on topics ranging from IIS7 to the .NET Framework 3.0 technologies, HPC, and virtualization.   It also includes 7 hands-on labs, all based on the DinnerNow scenario.  These labs include: 

  • Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
    This lab provides the basic introduction to building services and clients including the use of data contracts, service contracts and configuration of both. The lab also includes information on how to declaratively secure a service. 
  • Integrating CardSpace into Web Sites
    This lab walks the user on how to can integrate CardSpace into Web sites. The user will modify existing registration and sign-in pages to allow customers to use CardSpace for site features that require the customer’s identity. 
  • Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation 
    This lab walks the user through the basics of creating a workflow and learning about the Visual Studio environment for building workflows. The lab also covers some of the common base activities and passing parameters to a workflow. 
  • Using Windows Eventing 
    This lab introduces the improvements made to the event logging, viewing and management features in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. 
  • Extending Windows PowerShell and the Microsoft Management Console
    In this lab, the user walks through the creation of Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell and a Snap-in for Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (MMC) using managed code. 
  • Extending IIS 7.0 with Custom Handlers 
    This lab walks the user through the extension of IIS administration interface and addition of custom handlers written in managed code. 
  • Using Transactional NTFS (TxF) 
    This lab is focused on adding Transactional NTFS capabilities to an existing application by using managed wrappers, in just a few lines of code."

Details here.


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