Hardware Virtualization with Virtual PC 2007

I use a Compaq nc8430 as my primary work laptop.  I was quite disappointed to find out that the Hardware Virtualization feature of Virtual PC 2007 was disabled and “not supported” on my laptop. 


I asked around and was told by someone who will remain nameless that the laptop version of the Core 2 Duo didn’t have this capability.  Thanks to Scott Hanselman, I now know that the capability is available on my laptop.  HP decided to disable it in the BIOS by default.  After I enabled it in the BIOS, Virtual PC uses it:).  I am not sure how much of a difference this makes, but it sure doesn’t hurt!


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  1. Joren says:

    I myself have noticed that Windows, running on a virtual machine with hardware-assisted virtualization enabled on my Core 2 Duo, considers it to run on a single-core Core 2 Duo with an appropriate clock speed.

    My Pentium 4 machine instead reported some generic other processor.

    My guess is then that hardware-assisted virtualization on a Core 2 Duo allows Virtual PC to run near-natively on one of the two available cores. If that’s true, that should be a significant speedup from virtualizing a generic processor.

  2. Collutions says:

    What’s strange is that on my machine, even with virtualization enabled in the BIOS, Virtual PC shows it as unavailable. Could it be because the machine had a P4 in it when Virtual PC was installed, even though it now has a quad-core extreme?

  3. Axsdenied says:

    I have the same laptop with bios rev F.14 and the option enabled in my bios and yet it still comes up greyed out.  Does this require a 64 bit host OS?

  4. Blithe Koh says:

    Just to share my experience. For those who enabled virtualization in bios and the option still grey out. Try a hard boot. Turn off and on your machine again. Restart might not work.

    I encountered problems opening virtual machine with Saved State when I turn it on so I would suggest to shut down your virtual machines first. The main issue is that I still cannot open my machines after disable virtualization in bios so I end up deleting the Saved State.