How to get a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 (VB.NET)

Microsoft is offering a "free copy" of Visual Studio 2005 Standard, an estimated retail value of $299.00.  Well, it's almost free, you have to register and watch two FREE VB.NET Lab Cast.  Not a bad deal: You can learn something and get a free copy of Visual Studio at the same time.

Here are some of the lab cast subjects:

Learn how to

  • Modernize and simplify installation of Visual Basic 6.0 applications
  • Add new data-bound forms to Visual Basic 6.0 applications
  • Introduce simple background threading to Visual Basic 6.0 applications
  • View and edit SQL Server™ data
  • Create data-centric Web applications with your Visual Basic desktop development skill
  • Keep Microsoft Word documents in sync with your database

Oh, and don't forget to submit your evaluation form.  That's how they count the # that you've seen.

It's a limited time offer, so get it while you can.

Here's the link:

Have fun,

Robert Shelton

Comments (2)

  1. Cox, Ken says:

    Canadians need not apply:

    "Offer good in the United States only through June 30, 2007"

  2. Chakravarthy says:

    Unfortunately, this offer is only for the US residents, but not for the developers across the globe.

    How do you understand this facility when provided only for USA Residents?

    For me, i feel stupid to read such offer. It interprets to me as those who wants to learn .NET from home living out side USA are having no concern at Microsoft. Most of the Technology is coming from outside USA, thou is not at the attention of the decision makers of MS..

    Anyhow, thanks for posting this, at least folks from USA will make use of this oppertunity

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