(Recording) Building document workflow in SharePoint 2007

Some of you have asked if I recorded my web cast on Building custom document workflow in SharePoint (MOSS) 2007.  I did, so I am posting the URL below and also reminding you that I am doing it again "Live over the Web" on June 19th @ 10:30EST.

Here are both links:

2nd "Live" Web Cast: Tuesday, June 19th @ 10:30A EST, Register by clicking here and you will be able to see the presentation live and ask/hear answers to questions live.

Recorded Web Cast: Here are the instructions to view it.

  1. Click here and then click the "Register Online" Button. 

  2. Put in your Attendee Name (in the box below) and hit the confirm button

  3. Then either hit the "View Online" button to stream it over the web or the "download" button to save it on your hard drive and view it on your desktop Windows Media Player


Robert Shelton, Jr.

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  1. As a part of the series that I am blogging on the "How To’s" of Document Workflow in SharePoint 2007

  2. marc says:

    Hi yall. within HP we are trying to implement a new MOSS workflow to facilitate my team’s publishing process. never having created workflows or data collection forms before, we charted into new waters cautiously. But, Within two weeks we have a functional concept & I hope our team can start using this soon instead of the 40/50 email per day we each get. SPD ROCKS!!

    RESPECT to Stephen Howard !!! http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointdesigner/HA102564171033.aspx. With his help I have demoed the concept to our team & we plan to begin testing a new solution soon.

    I’ve hit a small snag. Hoping the gurus can point me in the right direction… Our workflow triggers emails at each step with its <BODY> stored in a variable. Doing the look-up’s within the initial step allows us to implement new templates in in 1 place & will capture only the initial values. How can we reuse the email templates with all the updated information ?

    TRAIL 1

    > look-up <MSG> inside <BODY> on the first step

     RESULT = initial <MSG> in all emails

    > TRAIL 2


    RESULT = Success, sort of…

    <DUE DATE><STATUS> look-ups in <BODY> not updated 🙁

    As we update the email templates it would be imposable to replace the HTML in every send email step & re-do the look-ups. I guess im trying to store the look-up inside my template NOT the value each look-up generates so that I can reuse them with all the current info. Can this be done or should be going a diffrent route ?

    Please link me back

    m  | a | r | c | . | b | u | l | b | u | l | I | a | n | @ | h | p | . | c | o | m

  3. Ty says:

    I second that thought…this demo was amazingly helpful!


    In light of this, I have a stupid question – is the solution provided by Stephen Howard here available either as a free solution template, or as something that could be purchased?

    any thoughts on this would be incredibly helpful, as this could serve as a real solid foundation for us. (although we’re going to I can forsee, regardless, begin building our site, using this as a training support material)

    thanks again!


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