WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Here's the deck.  You can get to my demo code from here and my Virtual Earth code from here.

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  1. Deploying a Local Database to a Remote Web Host [Via: ] MooTools Video Tutorial [Via: Dion Almaer ]…

  2. Thanks to everyone who attended. Links to download my code & deck are here . The tool to help configure

  3. Thank you for your presentation today! It was great.

  4. During the weekend I spent some minutes to collect some of the greatest Silverlight examples. Most of

  5. During the last days I have added some new tutorials and examples to my list. Dave Campbell sent me a

  6. Bryan Chow says:

    分享几个国外的silverlight例子和blog GreatVisualStudioQuickStarts

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