Updated Virtual Earth with Silverlight samples

I've received quite a few requests to update my Virtual Earth + Silverlight and WPF + Virtual Earth + Silverlight samples.  Both codebases are old code.  Therefore, they no longer work against the current releases of Silverlight (1.0 Beta or 1.1 Alpha) and Virtual Earth (v5).  I'm part of the way there towards getting the samples updated.  It has taken me a bit longer than I planned.  That never happens:).  I have a few kinks to still work out, but a few folks are waiting patiently.  Therefore I decided to share what I have so far.  I've cleaned up the code enough to where I think it is usable for people who want a jumpstart.  There are two samples in the current download. 

The first one uses:

  • Virtual Earth v5 JavaScript control
    • Custom Dashboard (Silverlight)
    • Adds pins using GeoRSS (both a pushpin and a polygon)
    • Custom info box popup using a div tag (containing Silverlight content)
  • Silverlight 1.0 Beta
    • JavaScript programming
    • Transparency atop HTML
  • HTML input tags for buttons (shows interacting with Silverlight from HTML via JavaScript)

The second one uses:

  • Virtual Earth v5 JavaScript control
    • New Small Navigation Dashboard
    • Adds pins (using JavaScript control) by getting data from managed code
    • Default info box popup containing both HTML & Silverlight content
  • Silverlight 1.1 Alpha
    • C# managed code
    • Sample Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Button control
    • Initiating execution of C# code from JavaScript
    • Initiating JavaScript execution from C# code
    • ASP.NET Futures (May 2007) Xaml server control (makes adding Silverlight to an ASP.NET page REALLY easy)
    • Calling a web service asynchronously from C#

I will continue working on the sample.  3D is not enabled in either of the samples because I have yet to get it working.  I have yet to port over my VE + Silverlight in a WPF code as well.  I'm working with James on our team to make all the samples look prettier.  He's going to sprinkle some "magic designer pixie dust" on it soon:).  You can download the code here.

You will need Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, Visual Studio codename "Orcas" Beta 1, Microsoft Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio codename "Orcas," and Microsoft ASP.NET Futures (May 2007) for the sample.  Expression Blend 2 May Preview and the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Software Development Kit (SDK) would be helpful for further exploration.  Everything can be downloaded from http://silverlight.net/getstarted.


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  1. Michael says:

    Does silverlite have server hooks or is like Flex? Currently we are using Flex with Virtual Earth, and would like to break into SilverLight but our server is OpenBSD (Rock Hard!) being served with Apachee.

    Any insight would be great.

  2. PubSec says:

    Silverlight is a client based technology.  It does not have a dependency on any server technology.


  3. Thanks to everyone who attended! Here’s the deck . You can get to my demo code from here and my Virtual

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks for your follow up Marc.

  5. During the weekend I spent some minutes to collect some of the greatest Silverlight examples. Most of

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  7. On behalf of James, Joel, and myself, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Public Sector Developer

  8. Bryan Chow says:

    分享几个国外的silverlight例子和blog GreatVisualStudioQuickStarts

  9. Barnaby says:

    Did you manage to get the Silverlight content to display transparently over the 3D mode of Virtual Earth? (it appears that the IFRAME ‘shim’ required in 3D mode prevents transparency from working…)

  10. dotfun says:


  11. chenkai says:



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