Document Workflow in MOSS 2007: How to enable the portal to receive external emails

Here's a scenario:

A company, we'll call them "Some Company, Inc." wants you to build an external job web site, where people can find a list of all of the available jobs that Some Company, Inc. is trying to fill. 

However, Some Company, Inc. would like for those resumes sent via the jobs web site to show up in a document library within the HR Portal, so that recruiters can store/view/evaluate the resumes to find the most qualified applicants for a given job.

This is how I could accomplish this goal in MOSS 2007:

Firstly, I would enable the SharePoint Server to receive email.  This is done by configuring the portal's "Incoming e-mail settings" within the SharePoint Central Administration Operations page.  Keep in mind that the Central Administration Page is in a separate URL from the portal itself.

  1.  <- Select the Start Menu
  2.  <- Select Microsoft Office Server
  3.  <- Select SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration
  4.  <- Select the Operations Tab (at the top)
  5.  <- Click "Incoming e-mail settings"
  6. Once you are in the setting screen

<- Set "Enable sites on the server to receive email" to yes.

<- Set an email server display for the address.  This needs to match your email server for your network.  For example, if my Email address for my company is, then that's what I would put into this box.  In this example, I am going to set my address to, because my test SMTP/POP3 server is set to


There are other settings in the "Configure Incoming E-Mail Settings screen" that you can enable if you want to.  For my example, I just want to enable my portal to receive incoming email, without any other considerations.

After enabling my server to receive incoming email, I can go to my portal (The HR Recruiting portal in this case) and enable my document library (called the Incoming Resume document library in my case) to receive email.


 <- First I went into the "Document Library Settings" tab, within the document library, for which I want to enable incoming email.








 <- Select the "Incoming email" link, which should be showing if you've configured Incoming email (above)





I then enable "Allow this document library to receive email" and then give it an email address to listen for.  In my case,  Then I can decide how I want to handle the attachments Resumes) with the email as well as other options. 

The only one that you have to enable, to receive external emails is the "Accept e-mail messages from any sender." 

Here's the resulting screen.


Hit the OK button and then send an email to the address that you told the document library to listen for and then you are done.

~ Robert Shelton

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  1. Jeff Lester says:

    Enjoyed your presentation last week on this topic. Very interesting!

    I’m trying to do something similar with external users submitting information to an internal SharePoint site.

    Is it possible to give users an InfoPath form to fill out that submits data as an email to an email enabled document library?


  2. PubSec says:


    It is possible to use InfoPath Forms as a way to submit data as an "attachment" to an email.  With doing so, the InfoPath Form will be extracted from the email.  Now, if you want to be able to build a workflow solution that will be able to read the data/fields in that Workflow, then you’d have to have pre-published that form to the portal as a "template," so that MOSS would understand the fields in the form.

    ~ Robert Shelton

  3. Kit says:


    Great article! Question: does this functionality apply to WSS 3.0 as well?

    Thanks for any info!

  4. PubSec says:


    This should work in WSS 3.0 as well.

    ~ Robert Shelton

  5. In my last posting, Document Workflow in MOSS 2007: How to enable the portal to receive external emails

  6. As a part of the series that I am blogging on the "How To’s" of Document Workflow in SharePoint 2007

  7. gezelle says:

    Do you have any good tutorial or reference material explaining in further detail how to accomplish what you described above that is, extracting data from an InfoPath form attached to an email?

  8. dspading says:

    Thanks for all the info – very good.

    I’ve implemented the ability to accept emails and attachments as well as infopath forms to allow attaching documents.  I’m trying to capture the email via workflow and then send out the attachment to an external email address.  Are you aware of a way to accomplish this through customization rather than coding the workflow in visual studio?   I’ve tried this using SharePoint designer, but I don’t see a way to do this.  It allows adding a link to the document workspace, however in my case the user I’d like to send the email to would not have access to the document library.  Any help is appreciated.



  9. hariharadeep says:

    Could you please let me explain workflows process entitled for moss 2007

  10. Anwarul.haque says:

    Great article!


    Can I enable incoming email without exchange server in document library 2007?

  11. rammiz says:


    I have similar Q as Anwarul.haque.

    Our company does not have a exchange server. We are using Lotus Notes 8.

    I ve configured the incoming mail setting as u described but it doesnt work.

    Can sharepoint incoming mail work with lotus notes.

    Many Thanks


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