Thanks to everyone who attended!  I would love to get feedback regarding whether I tried to cram too much into the webcast.  If you feel I did, what could you have done without?  Please feel free to leave a comment, or provide feedback here.  The deck is available here and the code is here.  The code was written using Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" Beta 1.  You can get "Orcas" here.  If you want to view the recording, just follow the original registration link from here.


Comments (4)

  1. Webcast was totally awesome!  I am really excited about using LINQ, its going to change my (coding) life 🙂

    Although my boss and company will need some convincing that stored procedures are no longer a must.

    I didnt think there was to much information – I took this webcast as a kind of overview of what can be done, to learn in more detail I will be going elsewhere (Mike Taulty’s series).

    Although I always like webcasts that have time alloted for the presenter to go off at a tangent on certain things…and it’s always good to see you go about sorting it when things dont got to plan (benefit of attending the first presentation I guess!)

    Its a shame that as a I am not an MSDN subscriber I can only download "Orcas" as VPC image…tis quite large 🙂  Plus with Vista on all my machines having to use classic windows is just nasty! 😉

    All in all another great webcast from you guys, Thx.


  2. Kris says:

    Great webcast. I watched the recorded version. I found the resolution to be low that I had to strain my eyes to see the code.

  3. WynApse says:

    Public Sector Webcast followup: Introduction to LINQ LINQ to SQL Deck and code

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