VSTO – Installation Choices with Office + VS

During our DevConf in Los Angeles and Sacramento many of you asked questions about the different permutations of VSTO releases and versions of Office and Visual Studio. Obviously this is a reflection of you having different environments, and some of you being in the process of upgrading to next releases of one or the other.

Following is the full accounting for VSTO:

• VSTO 2003
• VSTO 2005
• VSTO 2005 SE == VSTO 2005 for Office 2007
• VSTO for Orcas

So what project types do we get with what SKU? Ok, here is the break down for that as well:

• With Office 2003 0r 2007 + Visual Studio PRO + VSTO SE --> Add-ins Only.
• With Office 2003 + Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 + VSTO SE --> Document/Templates if using Office 2003. Add-ins if using Office 2003 or Office 2007.
• With Visual Studio PRO +VSTO 2005 + VSTO SE --> Add-ins and Documents/Templates.
• With VSTS + VSTO SE --> Add-ins and Documents/Templates.
• With Visual Studio Orcas --> Eight (8) add-in projects for Office 2003 and document/template projects for Excel Word 2003. Will support 8 add-in projects for Office 2007 and document/template projects for Excel & word 2007.


Please refer to http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/aa700921.aspx for more information.

Also, if you are interested in the latest and greatest feel free to download the latest Orcas CTP:

Orcas January 2007 CTP as a Virtual PC image

Orcas January 2007 CTP as a self-extracting install

Joel Reyes

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  1. .NET4Office says:

    Joel Reyes posts about the various VSTO SKUs and what project types you get with what SKUs. The basic

  2. Marcus108 says:

    Thanks for this helpful information. I have Visual Studio Pro with VSTO 2005SE installed and would like to have document-level templates. I understand from your post that adding VSTO 2005 would solve my problem. I can’t, however, seem to find it anywhere. It appears to have been removed with the release of SE. Do you have an idea as to where VSTO 2005 (not SE) may be found these days? Thanks! Marcus

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