Windows Workflow Foundation Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit

"This starter kit is a Visual Studio 2005 project that demonstrates using Windows Workflow Foundation for simple task oriented workflow in an ASP.NET web application. A workflow model is used to automate work order requests at a small example company. It includes three pre-defined roles which each play a part in the work order creation, approval and monitoring. The starter kit may be modified for other workflow models to suit other small web based task management systems."

Get it here.


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  1. Disponibile al download uno starter kit dimostrativo su WF (hosted in ASP.NET 2.0). Read @ Source

  2. How were the UserActivity.cs and the SaveWorkItems.cs items created? Furthermore, how were they then included in the ApprovedWorkItemWorkflow.cs?

    I wish there were far more details about the workflow website than the short documentation included in the starter kit. More detailed comments would be nice also.

  3. Mark says:

    I notice that one of the pre-reqs for this starter kit is:

    ‘Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™ and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components’

    But, this is no longer available. That makes it kind of hard to use this.

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