Virtual Earth 3D support in Firefox and more!

A new version of Live Maps was launched yesterday.  There's support for Virtual Earth 3D as a Firefox plugin and much more.  Get the details here.  A new JavaScript map control and sdk will be available in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


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  1. John West says:

    The firefox experience is much better.  There’s no installation process to go through; it just works.  Nice!

  2. PubSec says:

    The reason there was no installation process is because you went through the installation process in IE.  If you would have hit the site with Firefox first, then you would have gone through the same installation process.


  3. John West says:

    That makes sense.  Thanks for the clarification.

  4. michael says:

    hi i like download earth3D no install? ok thank you send my  e-main ok bye

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