How to Create a MOSS 2007 VPC Image: For those who want to expirement with MOSS 2007

So, I like many others, have been spending some time trying to get smart on all that is Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (aka. MOSS 2007), you know the “new SharePoint Portal” as it were.  As a side note, it’s much more than an upgrade for SharePoint Portal Server 2003, but that’s a post for another day.

In order to play, uh, I mean “Conduct research on the viability of the new Microsoft Enterprise Collaboration and Forms Platform, with the newly Integrated Workflow Capabilities.”  Yeah, that sounds better, that’s what I am doing, conducting “research.”  Anyway, as a general rule of thumb, I never do such technology “research” on my physical desktop.  I don’t want to install/uninstall (which is inevitable when doing research), or in any other way add “stuff” to my desktop that is not a part of my actual work environment.  So, like many people I use the freely downloadable Virtual PC (found here:, and if you have a MSDN license you can download MOSS07, or if not, you can download the Trial version here:

However you end up getting your hands on MOSS 2007, you’ll want to know how to setup your “Research Environment” within your Virtual PC, and I have found a really nice site where the author Tony Zink has put together a nice walk through with pictures on how to do it. 

Check it out:

Link to How to Create a MOSS 2007 VPC Image: The Whole 9 Yards – SharePoint Reporter Blog

~ Robert Shelton

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