User Experience demos at the DC Vista / Office launch dev track

Thanks to everyone who attended!  I’ve received a number of emails regarding the demos from my User Experience session at the DC Launch yesterday.  There are a ton of code samples / demos available with the Windows SDK. The “healthcare prototype” and “Woodgrove Finance Explorer” apps (along with others) are available at  Make sure you check out for all sorts of info on .NET Framework 3.0 development.  I did not get a chance to show the New York Times Reader.  If you haven’t seen it before, you should try it out.  It’s hard to explain, but you won’t want to read the news in HTML after using it.  Finally, the free WPF grid control I spoke of is at  There’s a live .xbap demo of it at

You can also get the Expression Blend beta at

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention the upcoming Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista which is a WPF app!


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  1. Joseph C. says:

    Thanks again for these links, Invaluable!

  2. kadirx5 says:


  3. Odi Kosmatos says:

    Thanks for speaking about our Datagrid! I wish I was there. What did you say? 🙂

    Odi (Xceed)

  4. Fred Najmy says:

    I went to the event.  Unfortunately, as a Federal Government Employee I was treated as second class from everyone else.  When I tried to go to the first Developer Track session the room was too full to get in.  I was extremely disappointed and left the event early.

  5. PubSec says:


    I’m really sorry you did not have a good experience at the Vista/Office Launch. On the "full room" issue we clearly need to do better from a logistics standpoint. We had orders of magnitude less drop-off (registered attendees that do not show up) than we’re used to for events of this type and were unable to accomodate the demand for certain breakout sessions (beyond the fire marshall limits). We very much share your dissappointment Fred and will make ever effort to address this for the future as we go through the event post-mortems.

    With regard to your comments about "treated as second class", I imagine you are upset that we did not provide you with free software and other items. I trust you understand our good faith efforts to comply with government ethics rules.  As we indicated at the registration area, if you feel such rules do not apply to you, we would be pleased to work with you and your ethics office to address your specific concerns and to provide the free items to you as appropriate.  

    Again, on behalf of Microsoft, I apologize for the less than satisfactory experience you had.


  6. Marc/Robert,

    The presentation was excellent.  I am at a dev conference right now with my biggest client and am downloading samples to show them the kinds of things that will be possible going forward.  Excellent job to the both of you.

    Marc, I had asked a rather obscure question at the informal Q&A about a merge module for the DHTML editor being made available so that we can build it into our own MSI installers.  You said you’d look into it and post it here.  I just was curious if you had heard anything.

    Thanks for the great job last week!