Announcing SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0!


We are pleased to announce the release of SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0! With more than 75 partners in over 10 countries already signed up, we are excited about partners being more prepared than ever to deliver Visual Studio Team System deep-dive and implementation training for customers. We encourage you to visit the site, become familiar with the program, and engage your Microsoft account team and Training or Consulting Partner to begin the Application Lifecycle Management assessment within your own organization. If you are a partner, sign up now, download SDLC-in-a-Box, and start training now!

Program Highlights











One of the most demanded features for this release was the inclusion of complimentary Visual Studio Partner products for functional areas such as Requirements Management, that when combined into a single demo, illustrate the richness of the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management tools platform. SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0 includes product integrations from Sparx Systems, Personify, TeamLook and DevBiz, not to mention the inclusion of RASK, a Microsoft Requirements Authoring Starter Kit project. This comprehensive demonstration environment makes this program one of the most compelling examples of a customer’s real-world ALM implementation.

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