SQL Server 2005 Label Security Toolkit

As referenced at the 2006 PASS conference this week, the Label Security Toolkit for SQL Server 2005 can be downloaded here [update: the file is attached to this post too].  This toolkit demonstrates how to combine the capabilities of SQL Server 2005 to implement a label-based row and/or cell level security framework in an application database. 

The toolkit includes a utility which allows you to logically define the security labeling scheme to be used in your app's database.  Based on this, at the click of a button the tool generates an implementation of the supporting framework.  All you need to do is create a simple view over the table(s) you wish to protect.  Support for insert/update/delete is added by writing instead-of triggers to capture these operations.  The toolkit documentation includes extensive design guidance and examples of implementing different scenarios.  Several working code samples are included as well.

The toolkit is a free download, and is not supported by Microsoft.

-Darryl (on behalf of Art)

Label Security Toolkit Install.zip

Comments (5)

  1. Ian Shimmings says:

    I neat solution to some missing SQL Server functionality. Can I get a copy of the source code to investigate it further?

  2. merill00 says:

    It doesn’t work with the AdventureWorks DB available for download due to Collation: Latin1_General_CS_AS.

    Is source code available?

  3. Dan says:

    Its a .NET app. Source can be viewed with Reflector. CLR assemblies can be exported from the database to a file with a command similar to this…

    bcp "select content from DATABASENAME.sys.assembly_files" queryout C:Sample1.Functions.dll -S "MACHINENAMESERVERNAME" -T

  4. ridgeway40 says:


    I am looking fro the source code for the DLL's. I have downloaded the "Label Security Install Kit" but I am looking for "Label Scheme Designer" so I can find out what the CLR DLL for SQL  Server contains

  5. 2008 says:

    Is there an updated version of this for 2008?

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