Microsoft and SOA: AMR’s Dennis Gaughan gets it

AMR Research Analayst Dennis Gaughan has written an article called “A Study in Contrasts: The Evolving SOA Strategies of IBM And Microsoft“, in which he says

For Microsoft, simplicity from a product portfolio is a vital strength. The number of products that a customer would need to build out their SOA framework is relatively small by comparison. This is because of the fact that much of the core SOA ability is baked into the Windows platform as part of the .NET framework.”

By contrast:

“While breadth of portfolio is important to building out an SOA platform, the sheer number of products IBM offers to fill out its reference architecture can be overwhelming to customers (and analysts), and perpetuates the IBM archetype that the fragmented product portfolio is purposely designed to increase services revenue.”

Well, there you have it 🙂


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  1. Dave Oliver says:

    The results of the report do not come as a surprise.

    I’m actually constantly frustrated that Microsoft do not shout their SOA story from the roof tops as they have the most complete vision.

    Good exmaples ares Customer Care Framework makes an idea SOA presentation layer stack … who outside Microsoft really knows about it?

    IBM’s offering is Lazzlo Ajax UI system … thats is far behind.

    Microsoft has .Net which is SO from the ground up. IBM et al are working on there OpenSOA SDO & SCA structure and thats 18 months away.