Slide deck and demo code from Friday’s “Atlas” webcast

You can download the deck and demo code from Friday’s webcast here. The source code includes my demos from the Wednesday webcast as well. The code is a hodge podge of C# and VB.NET code (and JavaScript of course). Think of it this way. I’m making all of you happy some of the time. Also, my first set of demos (server-centric) were around an actual scenario using the Media Share Library Starter Kit. My second set of demos don’t really have any Media Share Library context. Sorry.  I still used the master page from the Media Share Library for the most part.  Have fun!


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  1. Federal Developer Weblog からです。

    先週行われた Webcast やそのスライド( PPT )、 Demo がダウンロード可能です。



  2. howard.ricketts says:

    I’ve been getting some errors with this…

    file: Library/DetailItem.aspx.vb

    method: Protected Sub FormView1_ItemCommand(…)


     SqlDataSource2.UpdateParameters.Add("LoanDate", DateTime.Now.ToString())

    SqlDataSource2.UpdateParameters.Add("DueDate", DateTime.Now.AddDays(14).ToString())


    was changed to this…

               SqlDataSource2.UpdateParameters.Add("LoanDate", System.TypeCode.DateTime, Now.ToString())

    SqlDataSource2.UpdateParameters.Add("DueDate", System.TypeCode.DateTime, DateTime.Now.AddDays(14).ToString())

  3. KL says:


    The recorded webcast of Friday’s client-side ATLAS presentation has audio but the video seems to be missing.

    I tried to follow along from with the slide deck but it would be better if the video was restored.

  4. Federal Developer Weblog からです。 先週行われた Webcast やそのスライド( PPT )、 Demo がダウンロード可能です。 Slide deck and demo code

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