Wednesdays “Atlas” recording and today’s live webcast

Here's the link for the recording of my MSDN Webcast: Building AJAX-Enabled Applications with ASP.NET Code Name "Atlas" (Level 200) from Wednesday.

I delivering my second talk in about an hour (2pm EST).  This one is focused on client-centric programming with the "Atlas" client script library.  Check it out if you have time!


Comments (5)

  1. db_cooper1950 says:

    Hey Marc,

    You sure was able to stuff today’s session with a large amount of great information.  I can’t wait until you post today’s demo code, there is allot to really drill down into.


    David Baker

  2. Griz says:

    Great webcast today!  I’d love to see an entire series on client-centric development.

  3. Federal Developer Weblog からです。

    先週行われた Webcast やそのスライド( PPT )、 Demo がダウンロード可能です。



  4. Thanks a lot for this series – there are many of us "out there" who consider this extremely valuable.  

  5. Federal Developer Weblog からです。 先週行われた Webcast やそのスライド( PPT )、 Demo がダウンロード可能です。 Slide deck and demo code

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