ASP.NET “Atlas” June CTP

The “Atlas” June CTP was release while I was at CFUnited. As Scott and Nikhil point out, this is primarily a bug fix and UpdatePanel enhancement release. The UpdatePanel enhancements open up a bunch of new scenarios to use the UpdatePanel where it wasn’t possible previously. The short explanation is that you can add UpdatePanel controls to the page dynamically at runtime. Check out Nikhil’s post for more details. Scott also talks about a few new controls coming in the soon to be released build of the “Atlas” Control Toolkit (which will use the June CTP). You can download the “Atlas” June CTP here. The release notes for the CTP are here.


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  1. 江湖總站 says:


  2. 办公平台 says:


  3. Alpha says:

    I’ll Use Atlas In My New Blog System.

  4. fubar says:

    What new controls coming soon?  I think the most obvious control missing from the toolkit is an autocomplete solution with data binding.

  5. ajith says:

    Hello Marc,

    When the actual release of Atlas will happen?? Do you have any idea???

  6. FederalDev says:

    fubar – Scott talks aboutg the new controls on the post I link to.  Here’s the text:

    "Three new controls were also added to the Atlas Control Toolkit last week.  These include a nice "Accordian" control to enable collapsable multi-regions, a "NumericUpDown" control to easily increment/decrement numeric values, and a "ResizableControl" to enable user resizing of any control element.  You can download the source code to these controls and start using them now here.  Note that the current download as of this weekend is still using the April CTP of Atlas — the Atlas Control Toolkit team will be updating the drop to use the June CTP later this week."

    ajith – See for the answer.


  7. Sam says:

    I have using ‘atlas’ since it was released for public use.Have been able to build intranet solns that I could only dream of before. However there is slight issue that I thought be looked at in this issue. Whenever I use fileupload control with scriptmanager and updatepanel, the file being upload is not posted on the server. Is there a way round this?

  8. Marc says:


    I have not tried this scenario.  The best place to ask this sort of question is in the "Atlas" forums (  There are tons of folks (both Microsoft and community) monitoring the forums who may have come across this already.


  9. When is the release version scheduled?