WCF Workshop – Part 4 (Handling Data between Clients and Services)


In Part 4 of the series, I’ve focused on how to handle data (or more specifically complex data) between Services and Clients, while adhering to the “Share Schema and Contract, not Class” tenet of Service Orientation. The best part is that it is VERY, VERY easy with WCF.

Take a look at the workshop, and hopefully you will find it easy enough to follow. As usual, you will find a ton of screen shots, code to follow, and source code to download.

You can find all the workshop documents @: http://www.federaldeveloper.com/workshops/default.aspx

Here are the workshop documents available thus far:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (Building a simple Service)

  • Part 2: Session State Management with WCF Services

  • Part 3: Handling Transaction with WCF

  • Part 4: Handling Data between Clients and Services with WCF


~ Robert Shelton


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