WCF (Workshop) – Part 3 (ImplementingTransactions)

Adding to the series of Hands-on Workshop content for Windows Communication Foundation, I have release Part 3, which shows how to enable (Distributed) Transactions within WCF. In this exercise, the customer (Bank) has decided that they are going to offer a new service to their ATM users, and the new feature requires Transactions. Part 3, builds on the code from Parts 1 & 2 of the series, but as I have in the past, I give you the finished results of the earlier portions of the series as a starting point, if you want to just jump to this subject.

As with the rest of the series, you’ll get:

  • Easy to follow screen-shots (of the IDE and Source Code),

  • What you need to do in each step and most importantly why,

  • The “Before” and “After” source code (with comments).

You can find the blog entries to the entire series (current and future entries) here. You can find the download items (Document, and source code) @ http://www.federaldeveloper.com/workshops/default.aspx.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming releases of the series. As soon as I write them, I release them, and announce them on this blog.

Here’s the series thus far:

  • Part 1: Building a basic WCF Service and host it on IIS

  • Part 2: Adding Session State management to a WCF Service

  • Part 3: Adding Transactions to a WCF Service

~ Robert Shelton


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