Neat stuff going on in Microsoft “Robotics Studio”…check out the video…

There’s some interesting stuff going on in the Microsoft “Robotics Studio.” It’s funny, as an employee of the company for over 4 years now; I didn’t even know that we had a “Robotics Studio!” Anyway, check out the video on Channel 9: The interesting part is that the SDK and framework is based on Service Orientation and supports “Managed” .NET code. That’s right, Robotics programming with .NET (C#, VB, or any other .NET language).

Here’s the teams corporate website:

Here’s their blog site:

Now, if I could just get my wife to let me take apart the vacuum cleaner and toaster, I could really build something neat. Move over Roomba; here’s comes Vacuum-DotNet-A-Bot, or better yet maybe I will call it Rosie-Beta (from the Jetsons), but I need to check the copyright implications.


~ Robert Shelton

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