Simplifying XMLHTTP programming with ASP.NET “Atlas”

Here’s another “Atlas” screencast.  I’ve been sitting on this one a bit. I just returned from a short vacation and didn’t get all the “production work” done before I left.  This one took ended up quite a bit longer than I expected so I split it up into two parts to stay within the spirit of screencasts being short consumable demos. Here’s the description from Channel 9:

“Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelist Marc Schweigert demonstrates how ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ abstracts the complexities of XMLHTTP programming by allowing you to make web service calls from client script.”

Here are the links for part I and part II.


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Comments (10)

  1. DaHcn says:

    hyperlink "part II" error..

  2. FederalDev says:

    Thanks for the heads up DaHcn!  The HTML is fixed now.


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  7. Zeeshan Hirani says:

    nice walk through. but i am new to atlas stuff. u showed how to use methods in Page class by attributing it with WebMethod. but is there any work required to make call to a static method method on a business object.for that what things i would have to do? do i have to attribute my business object and method that i want to expose to javascript with some special attribute? for instance

    in a javascript method if i have to do this

    Prospect p = new Prospect();

    p.firstname = ‘firstnametextbox’;

    p.lastname = ‘lastnametextbox’;

    p.Save();–> does this work?

    or something like this in a javascript method

    ProspectCollection prospects = Prospect.GetByDivision(‘divisionnametextbox’);

    can u please tell if i have to do something such as attributing my objects to achieve this.


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  9. steve says:

    It Doesn’t work. I keep getting the following error:  ‘ASP.default_aspx’ does not contain a definition for ‘BasicNetworkCallBack’. The browser is not looking at the default.aspx.js file.