Mashup 101: Virtual Earth and ASP.NET Atlas (Part II)

As promised, here’s the Part II screencast.  In this one I build the same solution using ASP.NET Atlas.  I show you how ASP.NET Atlas abstracts the complexities of AJAX programming and provides a new set of tools to your developer toolbox to build richer, more engaging web user interfaces.  You’ll see how much easier it is to build the solution from Part I using ASP.NET Atlas.  I don’t explain ASP.NET Atlas in great detail, but I introduce you to some new concepts ASP.NET Atlas enables. 

I’ve been spending a fair amount of my time on ASP.NET Atlas and hope to share my learnings with you.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be blogging/screencasting on a number of ASP.NET Atlas topics.  You can think of these as a series.  Although I will do my best to make each one of them valuable standalone, you’ll get the most out of it if you follow along in sequential order.  Stay tuned!.

As always, please give me feedback or let me know what you want to see here.


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  1. Ah, we live in an industry of over used buzzwords.  The one I seem to be hearing alot is "mashup." …

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  7. Scott Gu的所发布的Atlas资源

  8. I’m currently working on an open source ASP.NET Virtual Earth v3 Mapping Server Control. My control doesn’t use Atlas, but it’s still a nice control for implementing Virtual Earth mapping from within ASP.NET.

  9. ramond says:

    Is there a tutorial on how to display a please wait message while the pins are being fetched from the webservice and databound to the map? I see a please wait sample using the Atlas UpdateProgress control but that doesnt work since the map isnt in an Atlas update panel. Please help!

  10. Revisando el blog de ScootGu’s , me encontré con este post interesante: Most Atlas Resourcess entre los

  11. Samiq's Bits says:

    During the last weeks I’ve got meself into working in a mashup application for a friend of mine, essentially is a Real State website that will enable…

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