Mashup 101: Virtual Earth Map Control and AJAX (Part I)

Ah, we live in an industry of over used buzzwords.  The one I seem to be hearing alot is “mashup.”  What the heck is this thing?  Wikipedia says “A mashup is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.”  You can find the full definition here

This immediately makes me ask the ask the question “What is a web application?”  I blogged about a REALLY COOL WinFX application that I would call a mashup here.  It’s not a web site.  It’s not hosted in a browser.  Does that mean it’s not a web application?

Ok, back to the point of this post.  The majority of “mashup” applications you see are AJAX based, aggregate information from multiple data sources, mash the data together in an interesting way, and present you with a visualization of said data (typically on a map).  You don’t have to have a map at all to have a mashup, but since it’s what people typically associate with mashups, I just did a screencast showing you the fundamentals of this approach using the Virtual Earth map control and some plain old AJAX programming.  If you watch it, you’ll notice that I took liberty with the word mashup.  I’m not really mashing data from multiple data sources, but you get the idea:). 

This is Part I of two screencasts.  In Part II, I will show you the same app built using ASP.NET “Atlas.”

Don’t forget about the MASH IT UP WITH ASP.NET ATLAS contest.  I blogged about a bunch of publicly available web services to help get you started here


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Comments (9)

  1. Vincent says:

    Nice screencast!

    I’ve already worked on this kind of development, and i’m impressed with Visual Studio JavaScript debugging facilities…

    Is it standard with Visual Studio 2005?

  2. FederalDev says:


    Yes.  It’s a little known feature of Visual Studio / IE.  It is not enabled by default.  Just go to Tools->Internet Options (in IE).  Then go to the Advanced tab.  Make sure both "Disable Script Debugging" checkboxes are unchecked.  Now set a breakpoint in your JavaScript.  You should now have JavaScript debugging enabled.  It definitely makes JavaScript programming a little more productive :).


  3. Vincent says:

    thanks marc, i wish i knew that few weeks ago…

    i think i also have to attach ie process…

  4. I am always delighted when sharing little nuggets of knowledge proves to have impact on customers. …

  5. As promised, here’s the Part II screencast.  In this one I build the same solution using ASP.NET…

  6. Navin says:

    Amazing stuff. I am new to VS5; recently migrated from ASP to .Net

  7. Samiq's Bits says:

    During the last weeks I’ve got meself into working in a mashup application for a friend of mine, essentially is a Real State website that will enable…

  8. Soe Paing says:


    Where can I get a source code for this (i.e. Atlast Part-I)


  9. Dion Duran says:

    I’d also like the source code, please. is down.